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Your case may very well end on appeal. ALPM handles appeals at all levels of federal and state court, including those in cases we have litigated in court, and those referred to us specifically for appellate work. Appellate judges demand legal briefs that get to the point – quickly.  It takes a special talent to distill years of complex litigation into a focused written brief with pertinent facts and compelling legal arguments. At oral argument, appellate attorneys generally have 20 minutes to make their most important points while also fielding often rapid fire questions from the judges. Appeals also operate under a separate set of rules requiring specialized knowledge. We have attorneys experienced in all aspects of appellate work. ALPM is available and ready to assist with your appellate needs.

Practicing Attorneys:

William A. Austill

Richard W. Lewis

William E. Pipkin, Jr.

Conley W. Knott

Joseph E.B. Stewart

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